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Xianyang Weicheng District survey

The Weicheng District was in Dec,1986 by State Council authorizes. In May, 1987 founded county level administrative district. Located in the east of Xianyang , east meets the Gaoling, south separates the Weihe River and Xi'an is neighboring, North is Liquan and jingyang, the entire area totalarea 272 square kilometers, the cultivated area 24 ten thousand acreages, governs 4 street offices, 30 neighborhood committees, 6 towns, 149 administrative villages, total population 398,000, non-agricultural population 247,000.
The Weicheng District person outstanding earth deities, have the advantageous superiority: One is the natural condition superior, topography smooth, the climate is temperate. Two is the geographical superiority isobvious, transportation convenient: 312 state highways pass through the Weicheng district, the new Eurasia crosses it, the Xi'an Xianyang international airport is located in here, the railroad, the road, the aviation three-dimensional transport network extends in all directions. Three is the technical strength is abundant. There are central committee, the province, the city level large and middle class enterprises, the research development unit,universities, public colleges more than 100, for the Weichang district economy, technical and the education development have provided the convenient condition. Four is longer history. Once was the capital city of the Qin dynasty, It also was the capital city,such as Zhou, Han, Sui,Tang in ancient china, in here has each kind of cultural relic scenic spot 327, the ancient construction ruins and ancient grave 262, are listed as the key cultural relic spreservation to have 30. Country key cultural relic preservation organ 3, provincial level key cultural relic preservation organ 12, have "the natural history museum" fine reputation.
Recent years, specially has implemented the big development in west, The Weicheng District persisted the Deng Xiaoping Theory and "three represents" the important thought as the instruction, sets up and comprehensively carries out, coordinated, sustainable development view, correctly processes the reform, development view,correctly processes the reform, the development, the stable relations,revolves a goal (in 2020 building well-off society in all-round way),holds two keys (to speed up development, unity stably), prominent three key (agricultural inhabitant additionally receives, finance grows, social stability), Strengthens six measures (to expand non- public economy, development labor services exporting, implementation project impetus, constructs development carrier, innovation development mechanism, optimized development environment), advances the region economic society fast development. To 2004 year's end, the entire district GDP achieved 7.166 billion Yuan, the local finance income achieved 135.71 million Yuan,the farmer average per person net income achieved 2,930 Yuan, thecities inhabitant average per person may control the income to amountto 8,257 Yuan.

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